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 Milestone in oil exploration as temporary dock opened

Court news

Beware counterfeit medicines

Triathlon 2014



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The making of the battles of Coronel and the Falklands Part 16

Saturday 21st November 1914

Capt. Grant:  The most important person in the Falklands was now Captain Heathcoat Grant of the Canopus.  He went on to become an Admiral, but little is known of him as a person.  The writer, Sir Compton Mackenzie (of Whisky Galore and Monarch of the Glen renown), met him on the Canopus in the Eastern Mediterranean a few months later, and of this encounter he said the following:


Penguin News Vol 26 No 21

pnfront20141114Police officer denies attempt to pervert course of justice

Two teams of Falkland youth footballers fly to Punta Arenas tomorrow

Thousands raised by Falklands Framed

35 seat cinema for Mavlina House Hotel

Crimes Bills passed




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The battles of Coronel and the Falklands in the making part 15 by Mensun Bound

Saturday 14th November 1914

Mitchell Innes:  The defeat at Coronel was a devastating blow to a nation that for over a century had been nourished on the invincibility of its beloved Navy.  There was no doubt that, if only the German ships would come out and fight, there would be another Trafalgar.  Now, at last, there had been a real stand-up battle, but Britain had been thrashed.   There was a great swelling of anger within the Navy, diplomatic service, press and public.  The British Minister in Uruguay, Alfred Mitchell Innes, could no longer contain his anger and on this day sent off a blistering letter in the diplomatic pouch to the Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey.  Innes had been a senior diplomat for many years and he knew Admiralty blundering when he saw it.  He did not mince his words, for the navy to succeed, he summarised, they had to have ‘competent admirals’. Because it is a previously unknown document, it is reproduced here in full with only light editing:



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