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Penguin News Vol 26 No 34



Vietnamese seamen fly home

Antarctic memorial unveiled

School sports days

Half marathon pictures and results

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Penguin News Vol 26 No 33


Fisherman drowns as nine jump overboard from Taiwanese ships

High wins cause chaos in Stanley Harbour

Court news

Swimming Gala

SG Wandering Albatross survey feature

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Penguin News Vol 26 No 32

pnfront20150213Soldier jailed for sexual activity with fourteen year old

Local fix not option for Malo Bridge

Fishing news and pressing need for ro-ro repairs

Argentine flags and uniforms - discuss


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Penguin News Vol 26 No 31

Front Page

pnfront20150206Local lads admit burglary of charitable Mission

Planning and building news

Festival feel for 250 years British celebrations

News designs for Falklands houses

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Penguin News Vol 26 No 30

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Legislative Assembly reports

New face of Falklands Conservation

Lively letters

250 years British



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Penguin News Vol 26 No 29

pnfront20150123 JANUARY 23, 2015 edition

LAN flight delayed as ammunition confiscated from Gallegos passengers

 Eminent international scientists at Falklands symposium

 Impact of oil and gas on you - study begins

Your questions answered - medical matters



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LAN flight delayed while munitions confiscated from Rio Gallegos passengers

A TOTAL of 14 live rounds and 95 empty casings were found in the hold and hand luggage of several passengers departing Mount Pleasant on LAN flight LA992 on Saturday, causing an hour and a half delay in the departure time.


Eminent Pan-American researchers visit Falklands for science symposium

THE visit this week of a Pan-American science delegation is a, "phenomenal opportunity for the Falklands to engage in public and science diplomacy by bringing together eminent researchers and members of the media," the British Embassy representative leading the delegation explained to Penguin News this week.

Senior Policy Advisor Science and Innovation at the Embassy in Washington Dr Lindsay Chura who is escorting the 15-strong delegation, said the visit would "significantly raise the profile of the Falklands as a destination that offers wide ranging opportunities for collaborative research in both the physical and natural sciences."


Stanley Sports Association Christmas races - top year for Tim Bonner

racing_tim_bonnerA CONDENSED version of the Christmas 2004 race meeting from three days to two, due to a shortage of race horses, was still declared a hit by both participants and spectators. With light hearted events scattered between the more serious horse racing, interaction was the name of the game and children and adults alike flocked onto the course for sack races, backwards races and keenly competed running races.

Without the usual challenge from the Turner Stable, top jockey Tim Bonner (image - Tim Bonner winning Governor's Cup) truly reigned supreme in 2014. Tim picked up an amazing 15 first places (and an additional win in a trotting race) giving him the title of Champion Jockey.



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