Executive Council Summary June 29 2016

MEMBERS of Legislative Assembly noted at this week's meeting of Executive Council that the survey of Camp radio services has been completed, and that the acceptable level of service needs to be agreed by MLAs. MLA Mike Summers said they also noted the new Charter Party for the Concordia Bay is due to be in place by 8th July. Four FI representatives will attend the MoD Industry Day at Abbey Wood on 15 July, and the interim project manager for the Old People‚Äôs Service Development project has been appointed and will arrive shortly.

Departure arrangement for the Argentine yacht San Martiniana were noted, together with the costs to be reclaimed from the owners.

The draft budget for FLH was noted; members agreed that in view of the continuing success and profitability of FLH a discussion should be held to agree levels of retention for reinvestment and any dividend policy going forward. The continuing success of FLH is very much welcomed.

A revised and updated code for animal welfare has been agreed; this has already been widely discussed by the Farming industry.

Members agreed new updated regulations for the investigation of air accidents. This includes drones, and highlighted a need for further work on safety, security, privacy and environmental aspects surrounding the use of drones.

Members noted and approved the introduction of new extradition arrangements for the Overseas Territories, including the Falkland Islands.

A very substantial piece of work setting down the Standing Orders for Executive Council was agreed. This includes a number of Appendices setting out inter alia terms of reference for advisory committees, delegations from Executive Council and the standard of conduct expected of lay members on FIG committees. The Effective Decision Making Group has put long hours into this work, and this new set of Standing Orders will ensure consistency of procedure across Governments and administrations.

It was agreed to continue work on developing offsetting guidance for the Falkland Islands. This would set up an environmental fund for offsetting impacts of hydrocarbon development and bring positive environmental benefit to the Islands. Some high level principles were recommended. There are some reservations about this scheme, but Members agreed that the work should continue.

In any other business Members released for publication a paper from 2006 on medical charges requested by FIFCA, and agreed that FIG would (if agreed by SFC) pay the cost of Environmental Impact Statements for the next (and possibly final) round of demining.