45 Commando Memorial unveiled

A MEMORIAL to Royal Marine 45 Commando was unveiled and dedicated on Tuesday.  The memorial, built by Martin “Curly” Elstow with help from his son, stands on the saddle between the Two Sisters.
The monument commemorates those killed in action during 45 Commando’s attack on Two Sisters on the night of June  11-12, 1982: Corporal Ian Spencer, Marine Gordon Macpherson, Marine Michael Nowak, and Sapper Christopher Jones.

45 Commando had been tasked to take Two Sisters in an advance that also included 3 Para’s attack on Mt Longdon and 42 Commando’s attack on Mt Harriet. 
The three peaks were seen as a crucial outer perimeter to act as the final stepping stone before advancing towards Stanley.
The attack on Two Sisters began at 11pm on 11 June and consisted of three companies: Y and Z Company, attacking from the North West, and X company from the West over Long Toe Nail.   
The advance was aided by artillery fire from 29 Commando Royal Artillery and HMS Glamorgan.
The loss of life notwithstanding, the attack was a success - the whole of Two Sisters had been taken by dawn.
For their role in the attack, men from 45 Commando were awarded one Distinguished Service Order, three Military Crosses, one Distinguished Conduct Medal, and four Military Medals. 
Materials for the memorial, which took a year to build, were donated by Buster Summers, Ian Stewart, Lifestyles, and FIC. 
They were transported by helicopter and by land with help from Terrence Phillips.
Curly expressed his gratitude to all who had donated materials and helped with the build, as well as the Command Warrant Officer for his work, CBFSAI for providing helicopter assistance, and the Governor for unveiling the memorial.