Sand Bay Wind Farm de-risking the future of Falklands electricity supply

THE Power and Electrical section of the Public Works Department (PWD) held an Open Day at the Sand Bay wind farm last week.  

The public was invited to tour the facility and learn from the engineers how it all worked.

Although the six tall turbines have been a familiar sight at the roadside outside Stanley since 2007, it’s not until you stand 44 beneath one and look up 44 metres that you get a sense of their massive scale and sleek design.

Engineers were on hand to explain to the visitors how the power was generated, and transferred to the grid in Stanley.
Looking at the control console inside the base of each turbine, visitors could see the wind speed, the number of revolutions per minute, the power currently generated, plus the total number of operational hours and Kilowatt Hours (kWh) generated during the life of the turbine.

Built at a cost of £4.6M, the farm is producing up to 6M units of electricity per year. Since inception, 42M kWh have been generated, saving the need for over 11m litres of diesel.  “It’s not just a financial saving”, said Power and Electrical manager Glenn Ross, “we are also de-risking our future electricity supply by reducing dependence on an ageing power station and fossil fuels.

On average, the wind farm supplies about 33 per cent of Stanley’s power needs, but has achieved 54 per cent on occasion.