Falklands firefighter is overseas student of the year

FALKLAND Islander Ian France has been selected as the Overseas Student of the Year by the International Fire Training Centre (IFTC) at Durham Tees Valley Airport.

IFTC is considered a world-leader in aviation fire and rescue training, and has a long relationship with the Airport Fire and  Rescue Service in the Falklands.

The Awards were first started when the school was owned by the Civil Aviation Authority back in the 1980’s, with Serco continuing the tradition when they bought IFTC in 1996. They are the only awards in the UK in aviation fire training.

To qualify for Top Overseas student, IFTC look at every overseas student that attended the Fire fighter Initial, Crew Commander Initial and Supervisor Initial in 2015. Their  database allows them to see who achieved 100 per cent examination marks (which Ian did in his Crew Commander course).

 If there are a couple of students with the score of 100 per cent IFTC then look at the report on each student and speak with the tutor in order to establish if a particular student stood out in all areas of the programme. There were just over 300 overseas students who attended the courses mentioned in 2015.

Ian will be formally presented with his award on July 6 at the IFTC Centre in Darlington.