The longest way home to the Falklands with yacht Porvenir

Islander Ken Passfield brought his yacht Porvenir back into a flat calm Stanley harbour on Tuesday morning having travelled around the world and clocked up 23,000 miles.
With partner and accomplished sailor in her own right Sally Poncet accompanying him on much of the journey, Ken is only the second Falklands sailor to have completed a circumnavigation in recent years.

Sally’s son Leiv Poncet was the first, setting out in September 2011 taking an easterly heading into the cold and stormy Southern Ocean route via Cape Horn, which Ken said he had avoided by, “pottering up the Beagle Channel,” and heading west. 
Ken’s journey also differed in that he took the ‘classic route’ around the world and into the Northern Hemisphere. 
The last leg of the journey from Uruguay to the Falklands took 13 days and the couple were blessed with good sailing conditions, although the cold weather sailing, “came a bit hard after all those months in bare feet,” Ken told Penguin News.  
Since the gutsy little Porvenir (with a hull of only 32 feet she is pretty tiny) sailed out of Stanley in April 2014, she has visited nine countries and about 150 harbours.
“We’ve been to some cracking places, met some nice people, and of course put a few of them right about how things are in the Falklands,” said Ken, adding, “it’s great to be home.”
For those of you who have enjoyed following the Porvenir’s travels over the last two years, we have the conclusion in next week’s edition of Penguin News.