Falklands Government forms team to examine historic social care files

THE Falkland Islands Government is in the process of establishing a team to undertake a review of Falkland Islands historic social care files.

A press release from the Falklands Government noted today:
At the request of the Falkland Islands Government the Lucy Faithfull Foundation carried out a child safeguarding review in 2013 and further review in 2015. 
These reviews made recommendations to assist the Falkland Islands Government to ensure child safeguarding policies and procedures are delivering the best results for the Falkland Islands community. One recommendation was to carry out a review of historic social care files and ensure that all relevant information was properly identified, recorded and accessible to those professionals who are asked to help individuals in the community.
As part of the continuing commitment by the Falkland Islands Government, to this process and to safeguarding in general, a dedicated multi-disciplinary team has been established to help deliver the best possible outcome from this file review. Additional, temporary staff are being recruited as appropriate to assist local agencies.
This is a significant task and the review is expected to take a number of months.
If any members of the community wish to discuss any issues relating to safeguarding of a child or adult they should contact their social care team.